Thursday, January 30, 2014

10 Police Themed Crafts for Kids!

The weather can definitely make it hard to entertain your kids...especially if it is too cold to go outside! Below are 10 creative craft ideas for children, all centered around our wonderful Police Officers! Whether your little one is learning shapes, wants to be a Cop, needs their own Cop Car, or likes to color, there is a craft for everyone! Beat the indoor boredom that comes with winter and enjoy some fun creative time as a family!

Interactive Police Officer Book
This is a wonderful collection of printable items to create an interactive book about Police Officers. This would be a perfect project to include an older child, or do it yourself and surprise them! Your little one could use this book for home study time, car rides, you name it! If you have a Police Officer crazy kid...this project is for you guys! Go to to find instructions, printable files, and photos.

Practice fingerprinting just like real life Police Officers! Discuss the art of fingerprinting and how Police Officers use this ability to solve crimes! All you need is printing paper (or get creative with color construction paper), a marker, and your choice of colored ink pads (use the ink pads specially made for stamps, found at craft stores.). To make it even more interesting, purchase an inexpensive magnifying glass (at your dollar store, craft store, or toy store) and show your kiddo how unique God made them...right down to their finger prints!

Ideas for your own Police Day!
 Not exactly a craft, but a great link to ideas for Police Day! Here you will find some really fun ways to create your own Police Day, complete with a few craft ideas, understanding fingerprinting, learning to find clues, and solving mysteries! Too creative not to share! Head over to for the article and pictures!

Police Coloring Pages
 A good website for 26 free Police Coloring Pages.

Paper Plate Police Car
A great craft for your preschooler using a paper plate, paint (or markers), glue, construction paper, and red glitter. Head over to to see more instructions and pictures!

Construction Paper Police Car Dash
 THIS is fun! Who doesn't want their own Police car? Add it to a cardboard box car and your little officer will have the coolest Police toy around! You could also tape it to a wall when you need your little one in eyesight or attach it to the back of a seat in your car. The possibilities are endless!

Printable Police Badge and Hat
Just click on the link and get ready to print this super cute printable. Attach a strip of construction paper to the left and right sides of the hat, measure your kiddo's head and glue or tape together so they can wear it! Printable Police Set 

TP Police Officer Finger Puppet
Another great craft for preschoolers! Go to the link Police Officer TP Roll Craft and print out a pre-made template, either color or black & white (perfect for letting your little one design their own Officer). There you will find a list of supplies and instructions on how to make a finger puppet Officer. Don't forget to make the Robber TP Roll Craft too!

Do it Yourself Police Padge!
Make your own Cop Badge! This craft is super easy! Go to  (A fun family blog) to see step by step photos of this project.

Handprint Police Car
This is such a cute and easy craft idea! Not to mention a really sweet way to hallmark a child's handprint. This would make a special gift for any LEO parent too! You just need black, red, and blue finger paints, paper, black and red Sharpies, a glue stick, and scissors. Cut a small square of paper and write Police, Sheriff etc with a red Sharpie (or have your kiddo do it!). Then dip their hand in black paint for the car body. Once paint is dry glue the "police" paper square to the middle of the palm. Finish by drawing the wheels with a black Sharpie and adding the red and blue lights with your child's finger! How cute!

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