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4 Ways to Love Your Husband {When He’s Being Unlovable}

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Have you ever experienced a time in your marriage where your husband is a real pain? When it feels like you've traded your knight-in-shining-armor for a total turd?

It can happen in any marriage and it seems like, especially in an LE marriage. Your husband endures stresses, drama, lies, and manipulation every day, all day. How that wouldn't affect someone eventually, I have no idea. There has probably been a time or two when he has brought a bad mood home. And if it hasn't happened yet, it will. We are human and humans make mistakes. Wives make mistakes, husbands do too. But just because our spouse has hitched a ride on the jerk-annoying-at times unlovable wagon, doesn't mean we as wives are allowed to give up on them. When our husbands are the most unlovable is when they need love the most! And it can be the hardest thing to figure out, much less feel like doing.

I read a blog called Simply Bloom often. It is written by Joy McMillan a beautiful, upbeat Police Wife. Her words are always an encouragement and it's likely you have seen her amazing graphics talent floating around Pinterest too. She is responsible for the awesome LE themed "We Are A Family of Heroes" printable.

Joy wrote a wonderful article on 4 Ways To Love Your Husband {When He's Being Unlovable} (plus it includes an awesome free printable). I really want to share her incite with you because she is spot on! And it's a real struggle we all have. It's ok to have, we are human, and it is possible to overcome! So please read on, or visit the original post. I truly hope you are encouraged!

4 Ways to Love Your Husband 

{When He’s Being Unlovable}

This post is alternately entitled:  “You’re Being A Punk…But I Still Love You”.

A sweet friend of mine texted me a couple of months ago with a plea that read something like this…”please write a post on loving our husbands when they’re being unlovable.  I need it and know a few women who could really use the encouragement right now”, and being the great friend that I am {ahem}, I stashed it away in my momma-brain and promptly forgot about it.

Until recently.  When my hubby was being a smidge unlovable.  Go figure.

And while the initial thought of writing a smushy ‘how-to’ post about being a better wife made me laugh out loud, here it is…a few words of simple wisdom from a perfectly imperfect wife who has, admittedly, told her hubby on occasion to stop being a punk.
1. Check Yo’ Self
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past 10 years it’s this: unrealistic and unspoken expectations will destroy a relationship.  It is so easy to assume, especially when you’ve been married for a while, that your husband knows what you need or want, when you need or want it.  Clear communication, seasoned with grace, is essential in making a relationship work.  I think we forget how very differently we’re wired; between our upbringing, personal baggage, temperament and personality, along with the fact that men and women are cut from entirely different cloth.  If we aren’t clearly communicating our needs, which are not to be confused with unrealistic expectations, the chances that they’ll be met are slim.

Occasionally my hubby will distance himself emotionally from me because he can sense a low-grade level of dissatisfaction from me.  When I get disenchanted with him because he’s not meeting my expectations, out of self-preservation, he withdraws.

It’s amazing how easily we can bring out the best – or the worst – in our loved ones.

With this being said, let your hubby off the hook.  There’s a tremendous difference between living with lofty expectations and living life with expectancy.  Master the latter.

Our identity, security and worth were never intended to be forged through them.  Affirmed, yes.  Nurtured, yes.  But not established and maintained.   We love our husbands well when we stop demanding that they meet needs they were never designed to meet.
2. Speak life {or Zip Your Lip}
Our words are powerful weapons…they can be used to destroy, or defend.  We can either fight with, or fight for, our guys.

I don’t know about you, but my filter malfunctions frequently.  I blurt something out and then lament my complete inability to think before I speak when passion is coursing through my veins.  When I get fired up, my mouth can get me in trouble.

But here’s the deal: in a world of raging negativity, criticism and disrespect, we can be a safe haven for our husbands.  I want my hubby to know that whatever he faces out there in the world, his name is safe in my mouth. I will honor him with my words, rather than cut him down, and I will never publicly embarrass or disrespect him.  We never speak negatively about each other in front of our kiddos, because we realize the power we have to enhance or destroy the way they see us.  It’s not always easy when blood pressure runs high, but it’s a commitment we’ve made…and it has made all the difference in our family.

And you know, friends, the truth of the matter is…our husbands are only as great as we believe them to be.  What we speak reveals what we believe.  And they will live up to what we believe about them.

It’s easy to pick out the dirt in other people’s lives, and it’s even easier to talk about it because it makes us feel better about our own dirt.  But we love our husbands well when we choose to speak life instead, when we intentionally choose to seek out the gold we know is sometimes buried beneath their temporary punkiness.  Go for the gold, girlfriend.
3. Don’t Drink the Poison
I’ve heard it said that unforgiveness is like drinking poison hoping to hurt another.  This poison is particularly potent when drunk within marriage.

On the flip side, resilience and grace are two of the healthiest ingredients we can add to our relationships, and should be drunk in large quantities, frequently.  We are imperfect humans married to imperfect humans, in an imperfect world.  We will disappoint, and we will be disappointed.

What a gift we give each other when we choose to live unoffended.

In the same way a house is kept in order more easily by sweeping through it daily and making sure things are roughly in their right place, a marriage is kept free of clutter when we make a point of not allowing baggage to accumulate.  In other words, don’t allow the sun to go down on your anger.  Graciously unpack your baggage together daily – uncomfortable as it may be in the moment – and refuse to let bitterness or resentment simmer overnight.  Don’t sleep on it.

Forgiveness isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice.  Even though our hearts may hurt, we can choose to lay down the grievance and give up our right to seek revenge.

While we may feel slighted at times, and may be tempted to demand a blood sacrifice to right a wrong, we love our husbands well when we don’t drink the poison, when we keep our tabs short and make grace more important than justice.

“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it”

~ Mark Twain

4. Seduce the Dude
While we may not realize how vital sex is to the health of our marriage, the proof is in the pudding.  Have you ever noticed that there’s a direct connection between the way your hubby interacts with you emotionally and how long it’s been since you connected physically?

When life gets busy and we don’t intentionally carve out time for us to reconnect and have a heavenly hoorah!…well, let’s just say…everyone’s a punk.

We know that most men have an overwhelming physical need for sex, but we often fail to recognize that our hubby’s sex drives are intricately connected to their ability to feel like a ‘real man’.

Interesting thing is, they also have an overwhelming emotional need for sex. While they may not express their heart the way we do – that level of raw communication does not come naturally to most men – our hubbies struggle with deep feelings of inadequacy and insecurity. Making love makes them feel desired, it improves their confidence and self-esteem, and boosts their well-being and performance in every area (For Women Only, Shaunti Feldhahn).

So, even though it can be excruciating to want to be intimate with someone who’s not being particularly lovable, we love our husbands well when we put on our big girl panties {however the thong works well here too) and choose to be selfless rather than selfish, honoring the fact that God created them a certain way – even if it irritates us at times – and connect physically in order to reconnect emotionally.

It’s “hello hotstuff, ta-ta punkboy” magic.  Try it.

You’re welcome.

Written by Joy McMillan, Simply Bloom Blog, June 28, 2013

Isn't that an awesome read? I pray you take Joy's words to heart and find hope that even when your man seems unlovable...there is a way to get back on track, to love through the tough times. It's important to never give up learning and striving for this ability in a marriage. Love, grace, and forgiveness are lifelines in a relationship. No matter how grumpy or annoying your LEO is...he still deserves your love. I hope this article helps you find a way to keep showing him love. Blessings sweet LEOW and prayers for your strength and endurance as you journey forward with your LEO. 

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  1. AMEN, We are like sisters for real. You took the words right out of my mouth.