Sunday, December 1, 2013

Worth more than Gold

What would our marriages look like if we cared for them like gold? If we knew they worth fixing instead of  trading in? Could we get through hardships with less scratches if our marriage was lovingly nurtured and protected? If more than the surface was cared for and polished?  If we put aside other things and first focused on our marriage, would it change the way we see life? Would we feel more secure if we knew our investment had good construction and was made of quality? Would we learn to live simply because our value is in our relationships instead of our things. Could we experience a tender, trusting love, intimate and lasting, because we care for it as if it could shatter? How would our children react if they saw us tending our spouses with love and gentleness? Would it inspire them to put value in themselves and the one they love? Finally, how inspired would you feel if you knew what you were investing in would grow and last forever? Marriage is a relationship worth more than gold...tend it with care and place value on it above other things. The return from it is priceless.

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